Oxford Sub-region Integration Table


Lynn Hinds, Director, Planning and Integration

Lynn joined the South West LHIN in May 2016 as a System Design and Integration Lead with a focus on meeting the needs of people who are frail, and those who have medically complex conditions or disabilities. Prior to her current role, Lynn worked in the community health care sector for 18 years, providing leadership to a number of local and regional initiatives benefiting clients, patients and their families. She is passionate about working towards an increasingly integrated system that provides people with the care and support they need to live well.
Photo of Jitin Sondhi

Dr. Jitin Sondhi, Clinical Lead

Along with working as a family physician in Ingersoll, Dr. Sondhi is the Chief of the Emergency Department at Alexandra Hospital, and an Emergency Physician at Woodstock General Hospital. In addition to these roles, Dr. Sondhi has worked as a palliative care physician at Sakura House for over seven years, and has been an Adjunct Associate Professor at Western University since 2011. Dr. Sondhi received his Doctor of Medicine from the University of Toronto.




 Name   Sector 
 Karen Devolin  Patient/Caregiver
 Jim Jones  Patient/Caregiver
 Anna Pearson  Patient/Caregiver
 Deborah Wettlaufer  Long Term Care
 Julie Johnston  Community Support Services
 Jennifer Row  Home & Community Care
Michelle Worsfold  Mental Health & Addictions
 Randy Peltz  Primary Care
 Dr. Gerry Rowland  Primary Care Alliance Co-Chair
 Sandy Jansen  Hospital
 Cynthia St. John
 Public Health
 Lynn Hinds  Director, Planning and Integration
 Dr. Jitin Sondhi  Sub-region Clinical Lead
 Rachael Griffin  Health System Planner

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