Huron Perth Sub-region Integration Table

Shirley Koch
Shirley Koch, Director, Planning and Integration

Shirley has been involved with hospital and community planning, engagement and service delivery for over 25 years. She has worked extensively with patients and partners in complex change projects to achieve successes in system integration, quality improvement, and patient experience across the health care system. She brings a passion for engaging people to create health system improvement and spark positive, meaningful change.



 Name   Sector
 Barb Fewster  Patient/Caregiver
 Diane Parker  Patient/Caregiver
 Matthew Maynard  Patient/Caregiver
 Peter Bolland  Long Term Care
 Kathy Scanlon  Community Support Services
 Bob Small  Home & Community Care
 Catherine Hardman  Mental Health & Addictions
 Mary Atkinson  Primary Care
 Cate Melito  Primary Care
 Dr. Matthew MacDonald  Primary Care Alliance Co-Chair
 Andrew Williams  Hospital
 Dr. Miriam Klassen  Public Health
 Shirley Koch  Director, Planning and Integration
 Dr. Paul Gill  Sub-region Clinical Lead
 Julie Moore  Health System Planner

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