Grey Bruce Sub-region Integration Table




Samantha Colwell, Director, Planning and Integration

As the Director of Planning & Integration for Grey Bruce, Samantha will provide leadership for engagement, planning, integration, and improvement initiatives at the sub-region level.  In addition, she will provide leadership to South West LHIN-wide integration and improvement activities aligned with our broader health system priorities as well as continue strategic leadership of the regional wound care work.  Prior to her role as Director, Samantha was the Program Lead for the South West Regional Wound Care Program where she has held that role since 2013. Prior to that, she worked as Assistant Project Manager for the Grey Bruce Residential Hospice and held leadership positions in the UK focusing on strategic planning, primary care redesign, and integration initiatives.  Samantha has a Masters of Science Strategic Planning from the London South Bank University, London, UK.   Samantha has contributed to system improvement strategies in a number of key areas.   She brings to the Director role more than 14 years of experience in healthcare and has a proven track record of building strong relationships with stakeholders in the community.



 Name  Sector
 Barbara West Bartley  Patient/Caregiver
 Elaine White Patient/Caregiver
 Joe Antone Indigenous Health Lead
 Tracee Givens Long Term Care
 Andy Underwood Community Support Services
 Bob Small Home and Community Care
 Clark MacFarlane Mental Health and Addictions
 Gerry Glover Primary Care
 Dr. Elyse Savaria Primary Care Co-Chair
 Dana Howes Hospital partner
 Dr. Ian Arra Public Health 
 Samantha Colwell Director, Planning and Integration
 Dr. Keith Dyke Clinical Lead
 Jennifer Kehoe Health System Planner

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