Strengthening Primary Care

The valued voices of primary care providers and patients will help drive local innovation and collaboration. A strong primary care sector is the cornerstone of a high performing, efficient and robust health care system.  

Bringing local even closer to home

Sub-regions have been created across the region as a focal point for integrated service planning and delivery of seamless, consistent, high-quality care. Five sub-regions have been identified in the West: Grey Bruce, Huron Perth, London Middlesex, Oxford, and Elgin. Sub-region Primary Care Alliances (PCA) are groups created to provide primary care leadership in five areas. Each of the sub-regions invite all primary care providers to come together to identify, plan and make recommendations for local priorities. For more information, including upcoming or previous meeting dates, visit the PCA website. 

Addressing Communities with High Physician Needs

When a doctor moves, or retires, an entire community’s health care can be affected. For these communities, it is more difficult for residents to access a family physician. 

Through our analysis, we will be able to identify and prioritize a number of areas of high primary care physician need. Communities identified for additional physicians will be identified on our list of communities of high primary care physician need. More information on areas of high physician need can be found on the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care website.

For more information on the Communities of High Primary Care Physician Need  list or to discuss your community physician needs, please contact: Jane Tillmann, Health Force Ontario Regional Advisor: 519-200-4896. 


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