Elgin Sub-region Integration Table 



Image of Dr. Scott

Dr. Kellie Scott, Clinical Lead

Dr. Scott graduated from University of Ottawa with her medical degree in 2003. After completing residency at the University of Western Ontario, she started practicing in St. Thomas in 2006. She is the Lead Physician for the Elmwood Family Health Organization (part of the Thames Valley Family Health Team), Medical Director at a Long-Term Care Facility. Dr. Scott is a Past-President of the St. Thomas Elgin Medical Association and District 2 Delegate to the Ontario Medical Association. As an Ontario MD Peer Leader, she engages with physicians to help them use their electronic medical records more efficiently. She is involved in teaching medical students and residents at Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry at Western where students honoured her with teaching awards in 2015 and 2016. Since 2017, she has been the Clinical Lead for the Elgin Sub-Region of the South West Local Health Integration Network.  She is active in the St. Thomas and Elgin County community where she works and is raising her family.

  Amber Alpaugh-Bishop, Director, Planning and Integration


Name  Sector
Dr. Kellie Scott  Sub-region Clinical lead 
Dr. Melissa Tenbergen  Elgin Primary Care Alliance
Amber Alpaugh-Bishop  Director, Planning and Integration
Jana Fear Health System Planner
Shirley Biro Patient/Caregiver
Mike Lang Patient/Caregiver
Judith Desjardins Patient/Caregiver
Abe Harms Mennonite Community Partner
Adrienne Vanderweg Community Support Service Partner
Cindy Payne  Home and Community Care Partner
Elizabeth Sebestyen
Social Services Partner 
Mary Stewart  Hospital Partner
TBD Indigenous Health Committee Partner
Michele Harris 

Long-term Care Partner

Linda Sibley Mental Health and Addictions Partner
Claudia Mior  Primary Care Partner
Dr. Joyce Lock  Public Health Partner


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