Groups that will support Patients First

Guiding principles 

Work and decisions will be grounded by the following guiding principles:

  • Person and caregiver centred
  • Equitable and aligned to what specific populations need
  • Integrated across sectors and systems
  • Borderless access to care
  • Trust and respect among partners
  • Transparency
  • Sustainability
Patients and Family Advisory Committee

Patient and Family Advisory Committee

Advises, collaborates and co-designs with the LHIN on policies, practices, strategies, planning and delivery of patient and family centred care. Two patient/family members from each integration table sit on the committee. This committee reports to the LHIN CEO.


Health System Renewal Advisory Committee

Advises the LHIN on system-wide implementation of Patients First, the Integrated Health Service Plan and future South West LHIN strategic priorities. One patient/family member and two provider members from each integration table sit on the committee. This committee reports to the LHIN CEO.


Sub-region Integration Tables

Each table identifies, plans and makes recommendations for local priorities, and drives change locally through innovation and collaboration. Each table reports to the LHIN for shared objectives. The overall aim is to improve health, wellness; patient experience and outcomes; as well as value for money.

Grey Bruce Sub-region image
Huron Perth Sub-region image
London Middlesex Sub-region graphic
Oxford Sub-region image
Elgin Sub-region image
Grey Bruce
Huron Perth
London Middlesex



Indigenous Health Committee

The Indigenous Health Committee recognizes that the LHIN and broader healthcare system is entering into a period of significant change and renewal. Throughout this change, the LHIN has a lead role in implementing the Patients First Act, and ensuring that there is equitable representation of the populations who reside and access care within the South West LHIN. To meet this obligation, there will need to be enhancements to the Aboriginal Health Committee structure to strengthen the communication and accountability between the LHIN-led structures designed to oversee and support LHIN Renewal and Patients First process. 

Indigenous Collaborative Leads Model Diagram