Integrated Health Service Plan 2010-2013

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The South West LHIN’s Integrated Health Service Plan 2010-2013 (“IHSP”) describes the priorities, strategies and proposed outcomes for the local health system and the implementation steps for the next three years to help begin to realize the vision contained in the Blueprint.  It builds on the work of the first IHSP, aligns with provincial priorities, demonstrates the case for change and lists the performance measures that will be used to gauge our success. 

The IHSP includes two strategic directions that align with the Blueprint.  The first, Enhance the Capacity and Integration of Primary, Specialized and Community-based Care will focus on the following populations:

  • Seniors and Adults with Complex Needs
  • People Living with Mental Health and Addictions Challenges
  • People Living with or at Risk of Chronic Disease(s)

This strategic direction will guide decisions made to improve the health care experience for individuals in their local communities.

The second, Enhance Access and Sustainability of Hospital-based Treatment and Care related to:

  • Emergency Services
  • Medicine, Surgical and Critical Care Services

This strategic direction will guide our decision making as we try and improve the system to alleviate backlogs, ensure access for all and optimize the use of available resources to grapple with challenges such as shortages of specialized staff.

IHSP 2010 - 2013 Appendices

Appendix A - Projects, Programs and Initiatives Related to Strategic Directions

Appendix B - Health System Design Blueprint Project - Vision 2022 (The Blueprint is a key long-term planning document for the South West LHIN. The data and analysis within it will inform several IHSPs, therefore, it is being included here as an appendix)

Appendix C - Community Engagement Summary

Appendix D - Francophone Population Profile

Appendix E - Summary of South West LHIN Current State Profile

Appendix F - South West LHIN Current State Data Validation – North Region

Appendix G - South West LHIN Current State Data Validation – Central Region

Appendix H - South West LHIN Current State Data Validation – South Region

Appendix I - Health Status of the South West LHIN Population

Appendix J - Aboriginal Population Profile