Quality Improvement and innovation

Partner with LHIN residents to understand their experiences of care and continuously collaborate with them to co-design improvements, broadly share quality evidence and best practices and demonstrate quality outcomes across the health care system. 

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Quality Improvement is a catalyst for change needed to achieve quality care, improved health, and better value. Building a culture of quality improvement, developing capacity, and embedding structured improvement methods into change initiatives has been and continues to be an implementation priority for the South West LHIN and health service providers. Creating a culture that is relentless in its pursuit of quality improvement requires continuous and sustained involvement from all stakeholders, particularly those who use health care services, to develop a shared understanding of the opportunities to improve the experience of care, implement the required changes, study the results and make refinements. These changes often include changing behaviour patterns and how systems operate.


Clinical Quality Table

The Clinical Quality Table (CQT) represents a partnership between the South West LHIN and Health Quality Ontario (HQO) and provides a mechanism to advance the foundations for clinical quality improvement in support of the South West LHIN Integrated Health Service Plan and initiatives of HQO. The CQT will serve as an important mechanism for clinical leadership to achieve progress and momentum on quality.

Terms of Reference, Clinical Quality Table


Name  Group Representation Organization
Dr. Amit Shah Emergency Department Lead South West LHIN
Dr. Anita Singh Palliative Care Physician LHSC
Carol Moore  Quality Improvement Specialist Health Quality Ontario
Dr. Janice Owen Cancer Care Ontario Clinical Lead Cancer Care Ontario, SWRCP
Dr. Gord Schacter  London Middlesex Clinical Lead South West LHIN
Dr. Ian Ball  Critical Care Lead South West LHIN
Jackie Schleifer Taylor VP, Chief Quality Officer  LHSC
Dr. Jitin Sondhi  Oxford Clinical Lead South West LHIN
Dr. Keith Dyke  Grey Bruce Clinical Lead South West LHIN
Dr. Kellie Scott Huron Perth Clinical Lead South West LHIN
Lisa Penner  Program Lead, Hospice Palliative Care South West LHIN
Dr. Louise Moist Internal Medicine Physician Lead South West LHIN
Mark Brintnell VP, Quality, Performance and Accountability South West LHIN
Dr. Paul Gill Huron Perth Clinical Lead South West LHIN
Rachel Labonte  Program Lead, Partnering for Quality South West LHIN 
Dr. Scott McKay  Site Chief of Family Medicine Schulich Medicine
Sheri Nolan Executive Assistant South West LHIN
Steven Carswell (co-chair)  Director, Quality South West LHIN
Sue Tobin Nurse Practioner and Clinical Director  Ingersoll Nurse Practioner Led Clinic
TBD Representative  Public Health Public Health

Quality Improvement Enabling Framework

Developed by the Quality Advisory Group, the Framework was developed to guide the South West LHIN quality improvement activities. It provides a foundation for the work of the advisory group. The framework has been successfully applied at the health service provider level as a way to develop more effective and better aligned initiatives as part of their organization’s ongoing quality improvement efforts.

Quality Improvement Enabling Framework

Experience Based Design

Working alongside LHIN residents to find solutions to improve care experiences creates a collective ownership and commitment to continuous improvement. When health service providers learn about care experiences and preferences directly from those people receiving the services, they get the necessary insights to work together to make improvements that matter most to those receiving care. 
Experience Based Design uses experience to gain insights from which you can identify and co-design opportunities for improvement. It is about understanding the emotional journey in our healthcare system and designing an improved healthcare experience. It incorporates the patient voice into health system design by observing and involving patients/clients in the process and asking how they want to be cared for. 
Experience Based Design Workshop and resources

Quality Awards

The Quality Awards recognize organizations that have implemented a sustainable quality improvement initiative by working together to achieve performance excellence.