Mental Health and Addictions

Strengthening mental health and addiction services and their relationship with other partners

Read our Strategy on Opioids (May 2018)

To deliver high quality care to people and their caregivers who are impacted by mental health and/or addictions and/or responsive behaviours, the LHIN and health service providers will ensure services and supports in mental health and addictions are easier to access and continually improving.

According to the Mental Health Commission of Canada, one in five Canadians is affected by a mental illness or addiction issue every year. Early detection and timely intervention are critical in reducing the lifelong burden of these conditions.

We also recognize the need for a dedicated response to the mental health and addictions needs and crisis within Aboriginal communities.

The Mental Health and Addictions sector is focused on providing care in the community and only using hospital services when the client's needs require that they be hospitalized for care. All of the Mental Health and Addictions initatives are focused on:

  • Promoting client independence and self care in a setting of the client's choice
  • Reducing the reliance on hospital-based care
  • Enhancing capacity in the community through coordinating and integrating programs and services and evaluating the impact of new resources
Together, system partners will:
  • Enhance availability of and access to crisis services, supportive housing, peer support services, mental health services accessed through emergency departments, and services and supports for people with responsive behaviours including long-term care home specialized units.
  • Standardize services, care pathways, and tools for assessment, screening and experience of care.
  • Improve intensive case management services, screening, intake, and waitlist processes.
  • Identify system capacity requirements for people living with moderate mental illness, and education needs of mental health and addiction providers.
  • Build on the French mental health and addictions system program to identify system capacity requirements for the Francophone population.
  • Improve collaboration between Aboriginal mental health and addiction services and other funded services to better respond to crises such as suicide, addictions and opiate responses.