Optimizing the health of people and caregivers living at home, in long-term care and in other community settings

A significant focus continues to be on meeting the needs of people who are frail and/or have medically complex conditions/disabilities and/or live with chronic diseases. As a result, the LHIN and health service providers will improve care experiences and optimize the health of people and caregivers living at home, in long-term care, and in the community. The LHIN and partners will also respond to changing needs and support safe and independent living in a sustainable and effective way.

The LHIN will work to transform home and community care building on efforts in the community to improve access to coordinated, integrated, quality care for nursing, personal support, therapies, day programs and supportive housing as well as ongoing efforts to address disparities between old and new long-term care homes.

In 2014, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care appointed an Expert Group on Home and Community Care to identify strategies to address growing challenges and pressures. The group’s report, Bringing Care Home, proposed a significant shift where the focus in the home and community care system is on the needs and preferences of clients and their families.

The report informed Ontario’s Patients First: A Roadmap to Strengthen Home and Community Care, released in May 2015. The roadmap outlines an ambitious path that the Ministry, LHINs and community partners will follow to transform home and community care over the next three years. Strategies include: developing a statement of home and community care values; creating a levels of care framework; increasing funding; creating a bundled care approach where a single payment will cover the care needs for a client; offering a self-directed care option; expanding caregiver supports; enhancing support for personal support workers; increasing the maximum number of nursing visits a person can receive; and providing greater choice for palliative and end-of-life care.

Together with the LHIN, system partners will:

  • Work to transform home and community care by planning and implementing strategies identified in the home and community care roadmap in addition to dementia care and elder abuse strategies.
  • Enhance availability of and access to adult day programs and its related transportation, transition care clinics, assisted living and redeveloped long-term care homes.
  • Deliver coordinated care for populations that receive cross ministry provincial supports.

Home & Community Care