Indigenous Cultural Safety Program

The health system has a collective responsibility to take action to improve the experience of care for Indigenous Peoples. Preliminary data shows that the Indigenous Cultural Safety training increases awareness about racism in health care, how racism affects Indigenous health and increases the likeliness that staff will take action when witnessing discriminatory acts against Indigenous people. The Indigenous Cultural Safety training also allows for a measurable way to track cultural safety and offers access to data when addressing complaints about care.

There are three types of Core ICS training options available:

  • Ontario Core ICS Health: This course is designed for anyone working in Ontario’s health system including leadership, administration, and allied health professionals. Learning is self-paced over an eight-week window and typically takes between eight and 16 hours to complete.
  • Enhanced Ontario Core ICS Health: This version has new content to support deeper learning about Indigenous cultural safety at an organizational level. Additionally content has been added to support participants who may be witnessing bias, stereotyping and discrimination in their work settings and how they can respond and interrupt it. Due to the enhanced nature, participants will be provided 10 weeks and typically around 10 hours to complete the training.
  • Ontario Core ICS Mental Health: This course is designed for professionals working in mental health and addictions, and/or social service settings. Learning is self-paced over an eight-week window and typically takes between nine and 17 hours to complete.

Any questions or concerns regarding ICS training can be directed to Amanda McKee, Administrative Assistant, or Krista McMullen, Performance and Evaluation Advisor.

Organizations can register staff for the online ICS training program by emailing Amanda McKee. Please be advised that seats are limited. 

Indigenous Cultural Safety Training

Indigenous Cultural Safety Training Participant Testimonial - Dr. Christopher Mackie

Dr. Christopher Mackie describes his experience with Ontario's online Indigenous Cultural Safety (ICS) Training



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