French Language Services Toolkit


It is our hope that through the use of the toolkit, our French designated and identified health service providers will use the information to provide even better care to our Francophone residents, through the delivery of culturally sensitive care. 

The Erie St. Clair and South West Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) are proud to provide you with this French Language services (FLS) Toolkit.
The toolkit supports designated and identified health service providers in implementing and delivering quality services in French, as per their mandate. It is also a useful resource for other health service providers in meeting the needs of their patients/clients.

The toolkit offers:

  • An overview on a variety of subjects related to the delivery of services in French
  • Useful information and practical tools to make delivery of services in French as easy as possible
  • Basic information on: the Francophone community, active offer of French language services, implementation of French language services, human resources, training, translation and interpretation, supporting legislation and
  • A list of resources 
  • Flyers and fact sheets produced by outside organizations to complement the information provided. F
  • Badges, lanyards and signs to promote delivery of services in French. (Additional quantities of these items are available through your LHIN’s French Language Services Coordinator.)

Other French language resources

Download the toolkit by section

Table of Contents

Section 1: The Francophone Community

Section 2: Active Offer of French Language Services


  1. LHIN Community Engagement Guidelines and Toolkit
  2. Consortium national de formation en santé
  3. Active Offer of FLS in Health - Employer Fact Sheet

Section 3: Implementation of French Language Services


  1. List of Identified and Designated HSPs for the provision of French Language Services, Erie St. Clair LHIN
  2. List of Identified HSPs for the provision of French Language Services, South West LHIN
  3. HSP FLS Implementation Plan Template (EXCEL version)
  4. Designation Plan
  5. Designation Process
  6. A Self-Assessment Tool – Implementation of French Language Services

Section 4: Human Resources


  1. Staff Survey - French-language skills
  2. French Language Oral and Written Capability Levels
  3. Human Resources Plan 
  4. Staffing and Managing Designated Positions, A Practical Guide for Managers

Section 5: Training


  1. Letter re: Reimbursement Program for French Language Courses
  2. French Language Training Program Information – South Region
  3. French Language Training Program - Fact Sheet
  4. French Language Training Program - Conditional Eligibility Form 

Section 6: Translation and Interpretation


  1. Chart taken from the Communication in French Guidelines 
  2. Revised Translation Service Guidelines 
  3. Request for Service
  4. Fact Sheet - Language Services Toronto 

Section 7: Legislation regarding French Language Services


  1. French Language Services Act
  2. Ontario Regulation 407/94
  3. Ontario Regulation 398/93
  4. Ontario Regulation 671/92
  5. Ontario Regulation 284/11
  6. Map of Designated Areas
  7. Local Health System Integration Act
  8. Ontario Regulation 515/09
  9. Erie St. Clair/South West French Language Health Planning Entity
  10. Health Equity Impact Assessment (HEIA) Workbook
  11. French Language Services Supplement
  12. HEIA Template

Section 8:


  1. Introducing to Ontario
  2. French Language features on

Section 9: Resources and Evaluation


  1. Promotional Material
  2. Francophone Resources in Erie St. Clair LHIN
  3. Francophone Resources in South West LHIN
  4. Support Networks and Organizations 
  5. Online Advertising
  6. Bilingual or French-language universities and colleges in Ontario
  7. French media per regions in Ontario
  8. Rifssso