Vision Care Project

The South West LHIN initiated a Vision Care Project (VCP) to review cataract surgery and related eye care services services in the region and plan for future needs of patients.

Similar projects are underway in Local Health Integration Networks across the province.

The Vision Care Project reviews:

  • patient access
  • quality and standardization of care
  • cost efficiencies and quality based procedure funding targets
  • system supports at each hospital currently providing cataract surgery services

Project Goals:

  • improve patient access to cataract surgery
  • increase quality and standardize care
  • lower costs related to cataract surgery
  • decrease wait times for cataract surgery
  • make recommendations on where services should be provided


With this report and its two companion documents: the Current State Report, July 2014 and the Backgrounder (An abridged/updated version of the Future State Discussion Paper, January 2015), the stage is set to move ahead and begin to take action to improve vision care services for the residents of the Southwest Ontario. As presented to the South West LHIN Board on March 17, 2015.

 The Vision Care Project is led by hospitals in the South West LHIN.


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