Specialized support for people with responsive behaviours

The $40 million provincial investment, which includes $3.23 million in the South West LHIN on an annual basis, will allow local health service providers to hire new staff – nurses, personal support workers and other health care providers – and train them in the specialized skills necessary to provide care for these patients with dignity and respect. More information can be found with Behavioural Supports Ontario. 

McGarrell Place Long-Term Care

Beginning on December 1, 2017, a 29 bed behavioural support transitional unit opened at McGarrell Place Long-Term Care Home to provide a higher level of support for residents living with responsive behaviours. This initiative is a pilot project developed by the South West LHIN (now Ontario Health West) in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

McGarrell’s 29 bed behavioural support transition unit is for people who:

  • Are exhibiting or are at risk of heightened unmanageable responsive behaviours (e.g.wandering, verbally or physically abusive behaviour, socially disruptive behaviour, resistant of care) in their current living environment
  • Are eligible for long-term care
  • Are medically stable for admission and/or do not have medical issues beyond the scope of the services provided within the unit
  • Do not have an unmanaged serious mental illness
  • Are not actively abusing substances

The behavioural support transition unit offers a safe and specialized living environment for those who have responsive behaviours that have not been successfully managed. Specialized providers in this unit will work to improve quality of life, and coping skills, so that the resident can move on to other living arrangements. 


For more information or to find out if you or your loved one is eligible for this unit, please contact 1-800-811-5146, ext. 5668