Community Health Service Providers

The resources and information below are for community providers funded by the South West LHIN. This includes:  Community Support Services, Community Mental Health & Addictions and Community Health Centres. 

In-Year Reallocations

The South West LHIN will again be accepting Requests for In-Year Reallocations of Funds from Community Health Service Providers (HSPs). For more details, see the request form below. Timelines are as follows:

First intake period: October 30, 2018- November 9, 2018
Second intake period: January 29, 2019 - February 8, 2019

Please send completed forms to and copy your financial analyst.

Note that any dedicated service funding reallocations such as physician compensation or problem gambling will only be considered during first intake period and will not be considered in second intake period.

Community Accountability Planning Submissions (CAPS) & Multi Sector Service Accountability Agreements (MSAA)


Tools and Forms

Please ensure that your signing dates are dated after the “Applicable Period” dates. As there is no manner in which a Board can verify compliance for a time period,when the time period has not yet concluded. The Board must make this assessment AFTER the time period has expired, otherwise, they cannot assure compliance for the entire period.

Education and Resources

Health Data Branch Web Portal


Presentation 2014 Community HSP Sector Reporting Information Session

Reporting and Information Guide (Quick Tips)

Performance Improvement (Scorecard, Report on Performance)

Reporting FAQs

Provincial SRI User Guide (PDF 3.8MB)

ARR HSP Guide 2016-17

Click here for information on the Community Health Capital Program

Community Infrastructure Renewal Fund (CIRF)

Community Health Service Providers (HSPs) are responsible for planning infrastructure renewal activities to ensure that their facilities are in a good state of repair. Recognizing the need for the renewal of community health care infrastructure, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (Ministry) created the Community Infrastructure Renewal Fund (CIRF) program. This program is intended to assist eligible HSPs in addressing renewal needs on a priority basis.

Community Infrastructure Renewal Fund (CIRF) 2018-2019

Community Infrastructure Renewal Fund (CIRF) 2017-2018

Community Infrastructure Renewal Fund (CIRF) 2016-2017

Indigenous Cultural Competency Training M-SAA Obligation

As of April 1, 2015, Health Service Providers (community and hospital sectors) are obligated to develop an annualized training plan to identify and track the number of staff that register and complete the Indigenous Cultural Competency (ICC) training course. 

The plan must be submitted to the LHIN via survey by August 15, 2017.  

In this plan, HSPs will identify the number of staff expected to be trained in 2017-18. (The South West LHIN has arranged to provide spaces for 400 people within the community sector for 2017-18.)

Use the ICS Training Plan Template to identify your annualized training plan, and track training progress to support the LHIN reports for this obligation. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

Policies and Guidelines

Polices related to Community Health Service Providers are articulated in the M-SAA, and can be found listed on Schedule D contained inside the M-SAA.

The Broader Public Sector Supply Chain Guideline, 2009 is provided below. These guidelines have been prepared to support and help improve supply chain activities at Ontario’s BPS organizations.

Community Health Centre Specific Policies

Community Mental Health and Addictions Specific Policies

Community Support Services Specific Policies: 

PSW Wage Enhancement Directive: