Presenting to the Board 

If you would like to present to the Board, please make your request in writing to the Executive Office coordinator.

  • Please make your request 6 weeks in advance of the board meeting you wish to attend and state clearly the purpose of appearing.

Priority will be given to those requests from the community where the meeting is being held and to topics already on the agenda. The Board Chair may decline a request to present or defer the decision to the full board to hear a presentation at a future meeting (ie. board business meeting, board development session or outside a regular meeting)

If you are presenting at a meeting:

  • No decision on the issue(s) presented will be made at the time of the meeting
  • Any discussion between the board and the delegation will be limited to clarifications and obtaining additional, relevant information.
  • You will have a limited time to present.

There are also opportunities to interact informally with board members and staff after board meetings and at engagement sessions.