The Big Dots 

Big Dots are overall high-level measures that allow us to understand progress against system goals.

The Big Dots include:  

 Self-reported health status
  • Self-reported health status – Percentage reporting very good or excellent health
 Faster Access to Care
  •  Faster access to care in the community – Improvement in access for key community services (mental health, Personal Support Worker and primary care) including:
    • Wait time for mental health case management
    • Personal Support Worker within five days
    • Timely access to a primary care provider
 Satisfaction With Health Care in the Community
  •  Satisfaction with health care in the community – Overall satisfaction with health care in the community
 Savings Realized by Reducing Unnecessary Visits and Readmissions to the Hospital
  • Value realized – Savings realized by reducing unnecessary visits and readmissions to the hospital. This Big Dot includes a focus on cost avoidance opportunities in the following areas:
    • Readmissions within 30 days for HBAM Inpatient Grouper conditions
    • Emergency visits best managed elsewhere
    • Hospitalizations for ambulatory care sensitive conditions

More information on the Big Dots can be found in the Big Dot Summary Report (pdf) or our 

Backgrounder (pdf, page 6). 



More information on Big Dots and results 
More information on Big Dots and results