Supporting bilingual professionals to provide quality services in French

London, ON – Local organizations are often challenged to meet their commitment to serve francophones due to difficulties with recruitment, retention and integration of bilingual professionals no matter their discipline or position. Working bilingual professionals also face challenges such as additional workload related to bilingualism, difficulty to find French resources, lack of recognition, and professional isolation, which can affect their capacity and motivation to offer bilingual services.

With this in mind, health and social service partners are launching a Community of Practice for bilingual health and social service professionals across the South West and Erie St. Clair regions.

The Community of Practice offers an online shared space where bilingual professionals working with Francophones can enhance their ability to deliver services in French, access resources and tools, network with their peers, and work towards developing pathways and strategies that will improve accessibility to French language services.

This online interactive resource supports members to connect and share lessons learned, best practices, documents, policies, and resources. The site content will be in French and English, but uses Google Translate to allow users to translate content into other languages.

The Community of Practice is also a platform where bilingual students looking for placements can reach out to organizations.

Members can be:
  • Francophone and bilingual employees and professionals working in the health, social services or wellness sectors as other bilingual professionals
  • Health service providers and other partner organizations
  • Francophone and bilingual community members (students, job seekers, etc.)
  • College and University programs and faculties 

The Community of Practice is made possible through the collaboration of: South West and Erie St. Clair Local Health Integration Networks; Entité de planification des services de santé en français Érié St. Clair/Sud-Ouest; Vanier Children’s Services as well as French Health Network of Central Southwestern Ontario.

Visit to find out more or register as a member.


“We continually strive to have the voice of the patient be stronger in how providers and patients collaborate in providing care. Through the Community of Practice, bilingual professionals will be better equipped to hear patients in their words and their voice, and to respond accordingly. We commend our partners for their great work in advancing more culturally safe care for patients and their families.”

- Renato Discenza, CEO, South West LHIN

“The Community of Practice for bilingual professionals is a model of best and innovative practice. I have no doubt that it will create a strong sense of belonging for its members, promote excellent communication and collaboration among them, and develop robust ties with the community, service providers, health care system decision-makers and all other stakeholders. I am confident that the Community of Practice for bilingual professionals will create a greater incentive for them to self-identify and to serve francophones.”

- Constant Ouapo, Executive Director, Entité de planification des services de santé en français Érié St. Clair/Sud-Ouest

“The population within the region continues to grow, making the promotion and availability of French-language health care services a vital priority. Optimizing resources by collaborating with partners across different regions creates a greater likelihood of supporting more patients and families to receive quality care and support. Congratulations on an excellent example of adaptive planning.”

- Julie Lantaigne, Executive Director, French Health Network of Central Southwestern Ontario


For more information:

Faadia Ghani
Communications Business Partner
South West LHIN