Action on Home and Community Care Review


The Home and Community Care Review by Donna Ladouceur, Executive Advisor to the South West LHIN, describes the challenges facing the home care sector and makes a series of recommendations related to modernizing service provider contracts, innovative models of care, the RAI tool, Health Links, innovative uses of technology, shared services and the health human resources challenge.


During the summer, the Senior Leadership Team also had the opportunity to visit all our offices across the South West LHIN and heard loud and clear from staff about the increasing difficulties they face on a daily basis getting services into the home.


The current government is also focused on putting an end to “hallway medicine” and a foundation to do this is to provide upstream support to patients to ensure they are not going to the emergency room inappropriately and, if they are admitted to hospital, ensure proper supports are provided to return them to their home.


The primary research method for the Home Care Review was consultation with a large number of stakeholders, a literature review, as well as a study of existing models and recent Home and Community Care reports. Engagement with front line staff, service providers, patients, system partners, primary care physicians and provincial leaders was completed to understand current gaps and opportunities to work differently together.

You can view the Home and Community Care Review here. 


In phase 1, we will simply share the document and encourage/listen to feedback. In phase 2, we will develop and share an action plan that tackles the priority recommendations and encourages thoughtful discussion and engagement with a view to concrete action.


The successful implementation of the recommendations, or any other great new ideas that emerge, will require a true partnership among front-line staff, service providers, hospitals, primary care physicians and provincial leaders. So this review is in fact a great opportunity to live up to our mission: working with communities to deliver quality care and transform the health care system.


In short, the South West LHIN is committed to seizing the opportunity created by the Home and Community Care Review, to advance our mission and to demonstrate our values of courage and innovation.


Daryl Nancekivell,

Vice-President, Home and Community Care

South West LHIN